I dreamt last night that I was on a field trip. I think I was with the choir. I was in a very large, elaborately structured house. I think it may have been a large apartment on the top of a skyscraper, and the group I was with was on the roof playing around much too close to the edge. I was afraid to fall off. There was a woman there who designed trapper-keeper-type things which reminded me a little of one of my friend's purses and a lot like everything by Sanrio. It had a lot of pockets and snaps and plastic trinkets and was either pink or purple. I wanted to buy one. She said to look at the price. I think it was only $5.95. Later I was walking around the house (more like sneaking, I think). There were so many different levels of stairs that curved and wound around. I wanted to find the last flight of stairs, but I don't think I ever did in my dream. I ended up in a warehouse-type place of a bunch of candles, stuffed animals, and scrapbooking stuff, I think. The little girl that was with me said that this was the trapper-keeper lady's supply place-- where she makes the items she sells. Suddenly she was up there, walking around. We tried to hide from her, but she saw us, and just chuckled. I think then I realized that I was a child also.


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