1. I am not going to be starting a PhD in music theory in fall. I wasn't accepted.

This may seem like a huge shock (it was a huge shock to me). But after a few weeks of thinking about it, I decided I'm better off not doing theory. All this semester I have been growing steadily frustrated with music theory and academia in general. I think a year off will do me good. I'm going to concentrate now on ethnomusicology. I'll apply for the PhD program here at IU next fall. In the interim....

2. I'm going to start making greeting cards and jewelery (and maybe a few other things) as a lil side job. I'll probably start an etsy page this summer. Hopefully this money-making enterprise, coupled with teaching English lessons and working at Macy's, will make me enough dough to pay the bills for the next year. More news to come on this front.

3. I've started a new blog called Amazon Mustard. I feel like I needed a change. I'll be using it mostly to post pictures of new items for sale, but I'll also post interesting tidbits I pick up on teh interwebs, as well as interesting photos I take or other miscellany.

4. I love Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster and Beyonce's I Am... Sasha Fierce. I'm on a pop diva kick, it seems.


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