I love photography. My dad was something of a photographer in his day. He even won some awards for his work. Partially because of my father's awesome photography, I took two photography classes in high school. I used a manual 35mm camera and I exposed my own film! When I worked at HyVee I learned how to expose film using a 1 hour film machine. I've always liked to goof around with photo editing software. I also like to look at other photographer's work to see how I can capture life around me in a different way. So I guess one could say photography is sort of in my blood. I've been more interested in photography lately, since I now have my own digital camera. Well, today I came across a website full of AWESOME B&W photography: Stewart Redler. Check it out. Or suffer the wrath of Ms. Umthun, Japanese schoolmarm. No pressure.
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  • At 11/16/2006 1:19 AM, Blogger aubrey said…

    wow. I especially like the landscape ones.

    I would probably be one to put sticky notes on backs of teachers. and roommates. I hope we are still friends.

    I miss you!!!

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