Ruthie and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day

I woke up at 4AM but my alarm wasn’t supposed to go off until 6:30AM but I was wide awake and I could tell it was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day.

I couldn’t sleep for an hour and the thermostat on my clock said it was fifty degrees in my apartment and that is COLD. I fell back asleep at 5AM and woke up again at 6:30AM but I turned my alarm off so I fell asleep again and didn’t wake up until ten minutes before I had to leave so I had no time for a shower or breakfast, and I knew it was a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day.

The bus was crowded, but only because people were standing in the aisle instead of sitting in the open seats and I didn’t understand WHY no one was sitting in the open seats so I stood also, staring at the comfortable, warm open seats that no one was sitting in. I didn’t want to sit down because maybe the seats were special, like for the elderly, and what if I sat down and broke some unwritten rule or looked stupid or something, and once again I thought it was a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day. Probably even for the bus driver. He sounded depressed.

At school I made some instant coffee because I like coffee and this morning I really needed it, what with waking up at 4AM and all, but I accidentally poured too much hot water into my cup, so I had to quickly drink some of it, but I burnt my tongue and the roof of my mouth and they STILL hurt now. It was the start of a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day.

Chapel was confusing today and I hate being confused. There was a long cleaning period today and the students were extra noisy and I hate extra noise. I didn’t have time to make a lunch this morning so at lunch time I’ll have to walk to the sandwich shop and if the sandwich lady doesn’t have yakisoba, I’ll have to buy sandwiches and there’s always an egg salad sandwich and I hate egg salad. If the sandwich lady doesn’t have yakisoba I’ll know for SURE that it’s DEFINITELY a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day. But I guess everyone has them. Even in Japan.

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  • At 12/20/2006 1:29 PM, Blogger Tracey said…

    I'm sorry you had a crap day, but just remember that you will never look like Ringo! (Unless, you know, we both end up looking like him when we're creepy old ladies together. But that'd be all right.)

    I love you, lady! Hope life started to look up for you.

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