Fluorescent Lights
I hate fluorescent lights.

They're like the teenagers I never had. They're lazy, irritating, and only do a half-ass job. When I flip the switch, they take AS LONG AS POSSIBLE to turn completely on. The light over my bathroom sink is a perfect example. After I flip the switch, the bulb takes about three seconds to start blinking, then three more seconds to produce a steady stream of light, then three more seconds to come to full strength. I think it's dragging its feet just to annoy me. This morning, I turned the light on, waited until the light ACTUALLY came on, brushed my teeth, turned it off, walked away for a moment, remembered I also needed to wash my face, came back to the sink, and flipped the switch back to on. You'd think that since it was just on that it could come back to life quickly, but OF COURSE IT TOOK THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME TO TURN ON, IF NOT MORE.

The worst part of the fluorescent light anomaly is that they are EVERYWHERE in Japan. I have SIX in my apartment. The only non-fluorescent lights are the ones I bought and the one over my toilet (thank God. It would suck to wait a good nine seconds to be able to see the toilet seat when I really gotta go). Essentially this means that I live with SIX bratty teenagers. Take that, Mom and Dad! --of course, it could be worse. The fluorescent lights could make a huge mess in the kitchen and then not take responsibility to clean it up.
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  • At 3/14/2007 3:53 AM, Blogger Matt Hulstein said…

    I saw a bunch of Japanese students in their uniforms in the airport today ramaging through their highfashion bill folds at starbucks. I thought of you. Oh! My word verification below has "zen" in it.


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