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Japanese people can sleep anytime, anywhere and wake up exactly when they need to. I've witnessed this on the train a lot. People fall asleep a minute or so after they sit down on the train, then when they arrive at their stop, they wake up. They don't wake up at every stop, just at their stop. It flabbergasts me, because I can't sleep on anything that moves.

I've decided that Rodrigo Santoro is the sexiest man alive. Brad Pitt is now moved to the category of chopped liver (and actually, have you seen pictures of him lately? He looks like his diet consists only of lemons. He's so pinched and squinty). Becks, you know the dude from Love Actually that wasn't Colin Firth that I DROOLED over when we watched it together? That dude. I watched Love Actually again the other day and had to watch that one scene with him and Laura Linney three or four additional times. Oh man. I need to take a cold shower.

I'm making 1000 paper cranes. I'm in the vicinity of 200 right now. Yeah. I have a long way to go. I started about two weeks ago because I was so bored at work I needed something to occupy my time. I'm using 5cm square paper in a variety of colors and patterns. Making 1000 paper cranes for someone is a Japanese tradition. Usually the recipient is sick and the cranes are a sort of "get well soon" card-- with every crane the person making them thinks a good thought/prays a prayer for the person who will receive the cranes.

I thought, since on Sunday it was in the low 70s, that the weather would continue to be "springy," but I was wrong. It SNOWED today. Granted, there was no accumulation, but COME ON, people! It snowed in March! On the southernmost tip of Honshu! And later this week its supposed to get down into the teens (Fahrenheit). Take that, global warming crazies!

I'm hooked on Hikaru Utada right now, especially her songs "Passion" and "You Make Me Want to Be a Man." Love them. Check out the music videos. They're both really cool.


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  • At 3/08/2007 12:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Haha, I am reading your "Love Actually" paragraph to my roommate, and once she figured out who you were talking about, she too let out a satisfying groan of the pleasurable variety;) Oh, I miss you Ruf! Know that if you decide to send me a paper crane, I will lovingly hang it in my room;) I used to LOVE 'Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes'; it's so sad, but it's such a good book!

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