はな つち
花と土 Flowers and soil on

みち せみ
道は狭いが on a narrow path during

春散歩 a warm spring walk.

In Japanese class this week we wrote haiku's. In Japanese. I was freaked out. I thought it would be so, so hard. How can I write a poem in another language? Well, the results were good, possibly profound, and definitely hilarious. Here's another one I wrote that turned out to be not a haiku, but a senryu-- a satirical poem with the same number of syllables as haiku. Apparently a poem only qualifies as a haiku if it is about nature or a season. This next poem is only indirectly about nature. To wit:

鼻水や     a runny nose and
あたま  いたい
頭が痛い a bad sinus headache means
あ れ る ぎい
アレルギー allergy season.

(Note: the translations are not literal. I tried to translate them so the syllables were still the correct amounts and stay true to the ideas in the poem. It was tough. Give me a break.)

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written by Ruthie @ 4:07 AM  
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  • At 2/28/2007 12:33 PM, Anonymous Bets said…

    i like them. i'd give you an A.

    but then again, i don't speak/write any japanese.

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