Good Weather
The weather was so beautiful today. I went for a walk this afternoon to a park close to my apartment. I found a few trails to walk on, took pictures of flowers, just enjoyed the sunshine and the warm wind and the beautiful view of the mountains and the sea and the city.

My friend Satoko told me that the Japanese have a saying that, when spring begins, there are three days of good weather, then four days of bad weather, then three more days of good weather, then four days of bad weather, etc. I hope she is right, because that means there are two more days of good weather ahead.

This evening I walked home from the train station I again thought of the great weather. The sky was clear and so dark. As I walked the narrow street back to Hatabu, I saw a dark patch of bamboo forest against the dark sky, poked with holes to let the heaven behind it through. I get so thoughtful and melancholy when I can see the stars. When I reached the crest of a hill I looked out to see how far I could see. In the darkness I couldn't make out where exactly the ocean began, except for where the lights of the city were sucked into a sudden opaqueness. I couldn't see it, but I knew the ocean extended further than my eyes could stretch even in broad daylight. It felt weird to think that I was looking out at such a vast expanse of water. Suddenly I had an intense desire to be out on the ocean in a boat-- glossy blackness below me; thick blackness above me, poked with stars. I wanted to sleep under the stars. I had the crazy idea to move my futons to the roof and sleep there tonight, just for tonight, under the stars, be woken up by the sun, no alarm clock. The Japanese word for star is 星 (ほし、hoshi). The word hoshi sounds very similar to the word ほしい (hoshii)、which means "want" or "desire." Maybe that explains why stars make me thoughtful and melancholy.
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