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Well, I'm back from China. And it really did feel like I was coming home. I realized on the ferry from Qingdao back to Shimonoseki that I really felt at home in Japan. I was excited to get back to Japanese culture, to my apartment, to routine. It's good to be home.

I'm starting a series on my trip to China, since I can't cover it all in one post. I'll start with Qingdao.The first glimpse my traveling buddy and I got of China. Qingdao was definitely more polluted than Shimonoseki, but not as bad as Beijing, as we would soon find out.

The Wind of May. This sculpture has become the new Symbol of Qingdao. During the day it is a bright red, but at night lights shine on it to create different colors.

Qingdao is the site of the sailing competition for the 2008 Olympics, so there was Olympics signs and souvenirs EVERYWHERE, ad nauseum.

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