More Qingdao
If you've ever tasted Tsing Tao beer, you've probably seen the above pavilion: it's featured in a picture on the bottle. I had some Tsing Tao while in Qingdao. It was really good, not as bitter as American beers. I've decided I like Chinese beer.

A pagoda at Xiaoyushan Park (小魚山公園). The name means "small fish mountain." Did you know that the word "pagoda" is neither Japanese nor Chinese? Where did this word come from?

Walmart in China. While their food products and some of the household stuff was different, the signs, the smell of the store, the atmosphere, the harsh UV lights: the same. Notice Pizza Hut is right below it. Pizza Hut is a high-class, very expensive eatery in China.

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  • At 8/26/2007 1:26 PM, Blogger Chris said…

    :) Ah the first of many translation blunders. I am flying to Japan tomorrow...so I will arrive Tuesday night!

  • At 8/26/2007 2:21 PM, Anonymous wynia said…

    KFC in Japan and Pizza Hut in China...interesting!

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