My birthday was this past week. It was a little hard not being home for it, but I'll be home in a couple weeks. Anyway, because I was 8 hours away my family decided to send a few things. My mom sent me my mail and a few microwaveable dessert bowls. Apparently she'll be making a dress sooner or later as well. And-- to my great surprise-- my younger brother sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers!
Now, I've been sent flowers before-- my dad sent me some for Valentine's Day one year while I was in college, and boyfriends have sent flowers to me (I'm a vixen, you know). But I have never received flowers from one of my brothers. Not that they don't give me thoughtful gifts on my birthday, but I was so astounded that my bro had such beautiful, perfect flowers shipped to me. So I thought I would share some photos of them for your amusement.

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