Here are two quotes I heard during a class I had this semester called "Readings in Music Theory." The professor is notoriously scatter-brained, and this quote is a little taste of that.

"I'd like to phrase that exactly the way you did, but differently."

--KG, 4/15.

"I had juice box wine at the Vatican for lunch."

--my classmate, Michael. 5/5. My classmates and I ended up brainstorming interesting things to represent Christ's blood and body (i.e., juice box wine and Club crackers emblazoned with the face of Christ or the Holy Mother). We're probably all going to hell.


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  • At 5/11/2009 2:04 AM, OpenID teasinglydiverse said…

    So, my church doesn't have a building. We meet at the local elementary school while saving up to pay the $12,000 use fee to the city to be able to meet in the building we've leased on Sunday mornings. It's ridiculous.
    Anyway, b/c we don't have a building we don't have a way to wash those little cups that usually accompany communion. So we have little cups with a separate little container on the top for the wafer that look like some kind of hiking or airplane efficiency food. One stop communion shop.
    Okay, rambly comment. But the wine juice box reminded me of that, because that's kind of what our communion is like :)

  • At 5/11/2009 8:35 AM, Blogger Ruthie said…

    I heard about those! I think Greg Scheer told our Music of the Church class about those things and everyone was incredulous. So they do exist!

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