It’s funny how other people’s groceries make me remember. Today a single mother came through my line with a product called Wasa. It’s a whole-grain, cardboard-like wafer. One could stretch so far as to call it a cracker of some kind. I suppose with enough cream cheese it would taste good. The Wasa instantly carried me to a grocery store in Prague. In order to take a shopping cart at this grocery store, I had to insert a 5 krono coin into a device near the handle. Apparently Czech people like to steal shopping carts. I walked through the store looking for something recognizable that would serve as a good supper. It wasn’t too different from an American grocery store, except that everything was in Czech and none of the brand names were familiar. I had to judge by the pictures on the packages to pick out something that may be tasty. I found yogurt and some Wasa, which looked promising. Turns out the Wasa was only edible if I dipped it into the yogurt. My belly was full, anyway.

An elderly lady checked out with a bag of black licorice. I never really liked black licorice, but Grandpa Wood loved it. If he and Grandma up in Iowa for Easter and my brothers and I got black jelly beans, we’d save them for Grandpa. I thought that maybe it was an old person thing. My logic worked like this: I’m a kid; I don’t like black licorice. Daniel is a kid; he doesn’t like black licorice. Grandpa is an old man; he likes black licorice. Therefore, old people like black licorice and kids don’t. I wondered at what age I would suddenly acquire a taste for black licorice. Fifty? Sixty? That seemed so old when I was seven. Now that I’m in my twenties it doesn’t seem so far away.


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  • At 6/21/2006 10:31 PM, Anonymous Anna said…

    Hi Ruth,

    I don't like black sticky things much either. I do have a deep love for Dove milk chocolate though...

    Just so you know, I broke one of my perfectly pedicured nails today. Darn those soccer balls and 9 year olds kicking randomly in hopes that they'll make contact.

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