I woke up this morning at 8:30 to my alarm, as always. I rolled over to shut it off, and checked the temperature (my awesome Japanese alarm clock has a temperature gauge built in, as well as a calendar). It was a balmy 49 degrees farenheit in my apartment. That may not seem too cold to Iowans, since the outside temperature in my hometown right now is supposedly around 30 degrees, but this is INSIDE MY HOUSE. Inside its not supposed to be this cold. I try to keep my apartment at around 65-70 degrees farenheit, but this is quite a challenge, since the Japanese apparently don't believe in insulation of any kind. So I wear 2-3 layers on every part of my body at all times and sit at my couch with an electric blanket on my lap and a cup of hot coffee or tea at my side. Suffice it to say: I am always freezing here, inside or outside.
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