Little Things that Make Me Smile
If, while you're reading this list, you think of something that makes you smile, by all means--post a comment and share it with me!
  • a long, hot shower-- thick steam, pruned fingers
  • the feeling at the top of the first hill of the roller coaster just as it begins to descend
  • crunching leaves in the fall
  • crunching ice in the winter
  • the perfect snowball
  • Terry Pratchett
  • tasting snowflakes
  • inspecting the crystall-y, geometric snowflakes that seldom fall
  • the smell of my favorite lotion
  • wearing a new article of clothing for the first time when the clothes still smell like the store
  • wearing silly socks
  • reaching that climactic point in a beautiful song and letting the moment wash over me
  • conducting a recording of Hallelujah Chorus in the privacy of my living room
  • petting a dog, then taking my hand away and watching the dog beg for me to pet him more, confirming that I am, indeed, a good dog petter
  • sitting in the sunshine
  • that accomplished feeling that comes with assembling a piece of DIY furniture correctly and with no help from a man
  • finishing a Sudoku
  • winning a game of Spider (four suits)
  • using a new shampoo/conditioner/body soap for the first time
  • waking up without an alarm and not feeling groggy
  • e e cummings
  • Stravinsky
  • drinking good coffee/tea/really anything hot
  • receiving an unexpected email/phone call/letter/visit from an old friend
  • chocolate-- in any amount, shape, form, or flavor
written by Ruthie @ 7:55 PM  
2 thoughts:
  • At 1/06/2007 2:08 PM, Anonymous wynia said…

    I'm impressed---4 suit Spider is something I have not seemed to master. I'm bowing to my sensei.

  • At 1/08/2007 12:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ha! Seriously, the FIRST thing I thought of when I read "wearing silly socks" was you, sitting on a sofa, laughing loudly with your mouth wide, and your crazy bright pink (and green, I think) socks! Oh, Ruf; I do miss you; call me again soon!! I love you!

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