Those Crazy Americans
Last term I asked my senior high school students who had traveled to the US what they thought was strange about American culture. Here are there responses:

Daily Life:
  • There is no take-out in Japan. They thought it was strange that people can ask for their leftover food to be put in boxes to take home.
  • In movie theaters, people say "Awwww" at sad scenes. I think the Japanese are generally more quiet at movies than Americans.
  • You can't purchase huge jugs of milk in Japan. My students were appalled at how much milk people bought.
  • Buses stop at train tracks in the US. Apparently they don't do that in Japan.
  • No one takes off their shoes when they enter a house. Gross! Don't the floors get dirty?!
At school:
  • In almost every school in Japan students wear very formal, very strictly enforced uniforms. My students were surprised at what American high school students are allowed to wear to school.
  • American students often eat food or chew gum in class-- something that NEVER happens in Japanese schools. My American colleagues and I are not technically allowed to hand out candy or cookies to students as rewards, but we do anyway. It's a hard habit to break, and they're just so dang cute and appreciative of us giving chocolate or candy to them.
  • Boyfriends and girlfriends are ALL OVER EACH OTHER in the hallways in America, my students said. Here in Japan, Public Displays of Affection are kept to a minimum in public. I rarely even see people holding hands at the mall.


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