Gimme a Break
My father and I have this ongoing joke with KitKats in Japan. It started when Dad mentioned that there was a new Oreo flavor he and Mom fell in love with-- Dulce de Leche. I wanted to share a cool flavor story, too, so I told them about how Japan has different KitKat flavors than just chocolate (don't get me wrong-- regular KitKats are the bomb. I love nibbling the chocolate off the sides and pulling the wafers apart to eat one by one. It gets a little messy if you're unexperienced). So then Dad said, "Well, I'll send you some Dulce de Leche Oreos if you send me some weird KitKats." So I did. And when I went home a couple weeks ago I brought some more weird KitKats. So far I have seen the following flavors:
  • green tea
  • strawberry and nuts
  • banana
  • cherry
  • peach
  • white chocolate
  • brandy and orange
  • blueberry
I think my favorite so far has been the blueberry. The green tea ones were nasty. I haven't actually tried the banana, peach, or brandy and orange ones, but they sure do look good.

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