Clothing Store
I see American stuff in my dreams a lot. Does that mean that I haven't lived in Japan long enough to dream about it?

Scene: In a clothing store. It looked like an upscale place-- in a warehouse or something, industrial-- like Old Navy or Aeropostale, but more expensive. I'm with other people-- Americans, at least one was a male. I'm pretty sure they aren't relatives. Probably friends or coworkers. The clothes in the store are boring, beige and gray colors. I look at a price tag: $200 for shorts or something. After that the dream gets really hazy and confused, as dreams often do. I sense someone following me or chasing me, so I run out a back door of the store into harsh, white sunlight-- the kind in afternoon on a winter day. I'm at a docking bay for trucks. I can't remember anything after that.


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