I wanted it to be a surprise, but since my parents found out (stupid NWA calling my emergency number! for shame!), I can tell the world: I'M COMING HOME FOR SPRING BREAK!!! I'll be in Iowa (mostly the Des Moines area) from March 24-April 4. If you're around, let me know! I'm hoping to come up to OC for the weekend of the 1st, so if you're at NWC, maybe I'll see you there! Yeay for America! Yeay for authentic Mexican food! Yeay for English everywhere! Yeay for no bowing! Yeay for a dachshund to sleep in my bed with me! Yeay for an actual bed!
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  • At 3/21/2007 1:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm QUITE excited for you, Miss Ruthie!! Wish I could see you=( Lots of love to you Ruf!

  • At 3/21/2007 2:11 PM, Anonymous Betsy said…

    hurray! aubrey told me yesterday...i was surprised and excited! i'm pretty sure i'll be around that weekend too :D

  • At 3/21/2007 10:39 PM, Blogger aubrey said…

    roommate, this is the only thing keeping me going right now. SERIOUSLY. damned choir tour. i bet if you asked you could come with us. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU I AM GOING TO PEE MY PANTS, NAY, MY ENTIRE OUTFIT.

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