You know how in the 90s blue raspberry all of a sudden became the best thing ever and every candy came out with a blue raspberry-flavored Skittle/Starburst/Slushie, and then more recently (say, the past few years) how the big chocolate makers finally caught on to why everyone loves Thin Mints more than all the other Girl Scout cookies and why people choose to go to restaurants that give out free Andes Mints instead of those stupid read and white Starlite mints and then every Hershey bar/Hershey's Kisses/Oreo had a mint/chocolate flavor? Turns out America isn't the only country to have in-vogue flavors. I think tiramisu is the new hot flavor in Japan. This is AWESOME news for me because I LOVE TIRAMISU MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF. To wit:
First, Etsuko-san made a tiramisu for dessert at the house meeting the day after I said to myself, "Boy, I've really got a hankering for some tiramisu." I got SO EXCITED when she said dessert was tiramisu. You have no idea. I think I actually scared some Japanese because I was giggling and jumping up and down and rapidly repeating the word, "tiramisu" in a sing-songy way. In short, was flipping out.

Then, in the Tokyo airport on my way home a girl in a small convenience store was giving out free samples of some kind of wafer-type cookie and there was a tiramisu-flavored kind that I got to sample. Then, at the grocery store a few weeks ago I saw a single-serving cup of tiramisu ice cream (left)! Layers of chocolate espresso in creamy vanilla ice cream! Then three days ago I was shopping with my friend, Jenn, and I saw tiramisu Pocky (right). How awesome is that?! TIRAMISU ON A STICK. Life is now complete.

Still... none of these products can compete to homemade tiramisu with fresh-brewed espresso, stale ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, whipped cream, and cocoa powder. And licking the plate (or bowl, as we do in my family) clean after a third helping. When Mom makes tiramisu everyone in the house gains 10 pounds.
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