I recently had a birthday (the big 23, if that is big), and my friend Rachel and I went out to celebrate. First we took a ferry to the other island. Just across the Kanmon Strait is a fun little toursity area called Mojiko Retro. There are many fun shops and historic buildings to see, including a railroad museum and a house Einstein once occupied. We looked around for awhile in a shopping center and saw this awesome rug in a dressing room:
I just thought it was hilarious. The store also had a lot of marijuana-themed merchandise and hippy-looking clothing. Pretty cool, and a little disturbing. We looked around in a glass store, saw a tiny in-mall shrine sort of thing that gives you a fortune. If it's a good one, you get to keep it. If it's bad, you tie it to the shrine and hope the fortune stays there, I guess. We thought it was pretty interesting, and a little disturbing.
Next it was on to dinner. We had kawarasoba: noodles made from green tea topped with beef, egg, seaweed, lemon, and a peppery paste and served on a piping-hot roof tile. To eat, first pull off the lemon and red pepper paste and mix into a special soy sauce. Then pull off a chunk of noodles and beef and stuff, dip into the sauce, and enjoy. It's one of Rachel's favorites, and it has become one of mine. The restaurant was really swanky, to boot. It had just relocated and the atmosphere was very relaxing, like a modern version of a Japanese garden or something. Then we walked around and looked in some more stores, one of which had many varieties of honey. They also served honey ice cream! So I had a honey and chocolate ice cream twist cone- fabulous. After we caught the ferry home Rachel came back to my place and surprised me with a birthday cake! Well, it wasn't exactly a cake. Kind of a lemony-frozen-creamy thing. But man was it good! And there was even a candle on top! So even though I was away from my family, I had a great birthday thanks to a dear friend. Love you Rachel!


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  • At 5/16/2007 9:13 PM, Blogger Bella's Mum and Papa said…

    Happy Belated Birthday. I should have written before. When we saw the fam in Des Moines a few weeks back Grandma Wood was commenting on how your birthday is the same as Joshua's. (He turned 8 so he was born on your b-day!).
    Allie LOVED your mom and called her "crazy Aunt Crisp".

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