Fun Things to do in Japan
This list is probably hilarious to people who have lived in/visited Japan, and maybe mildly amusing to those who haven't.
  • If a Japanese says, ''hello" in English, start screaming at them in French that people should stop assuming you're an American pig.
  • Make up a holiday with ridiculous traditions and teach people to celebrate it: "Did you know that in Iowa people celebrate Mamie Eisenhower's birth? On August 3 we wear our oldest winter outfit to remember the poverty she endured and we throw barley and old corn onto small shrines devoted to her in our homes."
  • Drive on the "right" side of the road.
  • Try starting a conversation with a sleeping person on a bus/train/subway.
  • When speaking in Japanese, insert an English word but pronounce it in a Japanese way. If they ask about it, insist they should know it because it is a Japanese word.
  • When using public transportation, get up and switch seats at every stop.
  • Mimic the train conductor/bus driver/cashier as they recite information into the PA system.
  • While walking down a crowded street, begin dancing sporadically. Watch for reactions.
  • If someone begins speaking to you in English, respond in Japanese. When they switch to using Japanese, respond to them in English.
  • If someone bows to you, act as though they are looking for something on the floor. Help them look for it.
  • Walk through a supermarket shouting "Irasshaimasee" at every person you pass.
  • If anyone asks you a question in Japanese, act extremely confused and laugh hysterically.
  • Stand too close to people.
  • Bow at least seven times to people who bow to you while repeating, "gozaimasu, gozaimasu, gozaimasu..."
  • Try to return an item at a store using only body language.
  • Tell people they're pronouncing English words wrong: "It's Amoooorica, silly!"
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