Alta Vista Babelfish has been helpful for me at times here in Japan. If I get emails in Japanese that I don't understand, I can copy and paste the text of the email into a field in the website. The translations are understandable only with careful discernment. They're pretty crappy, often yielding hilarious results. Below is the direct translation of an email from Amazon Japan:

We have been dispatch due date which we have planned when ordering, but still supply of the below-mentioned commodity is does. Make wait we have done, there is no excuse truly, but continuing, because it supplies the commodity, that now for a while it can receive the postponement of time, we ask may. Accompanying it is in this and it has modified in the dispatch due date which becomes aim in present time. Furthermore, unless ahead this supply is possible by any means, until it is ascertained, in order to be able to supply the commodity, exhausting power it does, but it is truly regrettable at that point in time concerning when it is supply impossible, but point to the cancellation you want, you want there is also a thing which is. Beforehand acknowledgment that it can receive, we ask may. In addition to wait when it cannot receive the postponement of the time when it receives, cancel this order it is possible also at present time to receive. With the code of this site, price of the commodity makes claim when dispatching and in order the to receive, claim to the customer regarding this commodity at present time is not done. Concerning the cancellation method of the order commodity, from URL below link doing in the "Help Department," it can view.
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