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As a student-turned-teacher I frequently find myself forgetting what it was like to be a student. Last week my 中二 students (equivalent to 8th graders) had their midterm test. When I came into the classroom they were all freaking out, quizzing each other, laughing and talking loudly: generally being rowdy. Geez, why are they so loud today? I thought. Then I remembered what I felt like before I took tests in school. I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect and excited to see how quickly I could finish the test (I was known for being the first person to finish tests throughout my school career). I was downright giddy. I acted just like my students were acting before the test. I realized that, despite the language and culture barrier between us, we are the same, my students and I.

So I'm trying to consciously remember this idea when teaching. I'm trying to remember what it felt like when the teacher called on me and I didn't know the answer and how humiliating that felt. I'm trying to remember how unfair I thought some of my teachers were to expect me to do certain tasks when I had assignments from seven other classes at the same time. I'm trying to remember how I wanted to fit in with the other students so badly that I would misbehave in class to look cool. I'm trying to remember how uncool some teachers were when trying desperately to connect with students, and how cool other teachers were when they stopped trying to connect and were just themselves. I think my students feel a lot of these same things. Now that I'm on the other side, maybe I can use these feelings to become a better teacher for them.


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