The Great Wall
Not many people can say they've climbed the Great Wall of China. But even fewer people can say they've climbed the Great Wall in a thunderstorm. Yes, the day Rachel and I decided to take a tour of the famous Wall the rain was so heavy we had to change which site we were going to, the roads were so washed out! There was lightning, thunder, and ugly pink ponchos involved.
Although the weather was crummy, I think it was actually better that it was raining as opposed to being extremely hot. I was huffing and puffing trying to climb the steps as it was. Plus, after about twenty minutes the rain stopped and we were able to take the ponchos off.
It became obvious to us after walking around for awhile that this section of the wall had to have been either rebuilt or very restored. The stones were in much too good a condition to have been used when the wall was first built thousands of years ago.In spite of the inclement weather, I was able to fulfill my dream of visiting the Great Wall, one of the most famous historic sites in the world and one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. One down, six more to go!

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  • At 1/09/2008 7:23 PM, Blogger JIFF said…

    When your seven wonders tour brings you to Mexico
    I know os someone that will love to be your guide without the boredom of the tours

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