Sound Effects
The Japanese language has a ton of awesome words for sound effects for things we don't have exact words for. I made a list of some of the more interesting ones. Read the sound and the explanation and imagine the thing making that sound. It's sort of funny.
  • サクサク saku-saku: Crunching of potato chips, leaves, other crispy things.
  • ニョロニョロ nyoro-nyoro: Something long and thin like a snake moving along with a wriggling motion.
  • サラサラ sara-sara: Murmuring, rustling.
  • ドキドキ doki-doki: Heartbeat.
  • チュ chu: Kiss noise.
  • プチプチ puchi-puchi: Pop pop, crackle crackle.
  • プルプル puru-puru: Shake, quiver.
  • ゲップ geppu: a burp.
  • パクパク paku-paku: opening and closing mouth, eating, gobbling. This is where Pac-man came from!

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