I just received a tiny Halloween gift from the nurse at the high school. She is so sweet, and even though we can't communicate too well, she always smiles so much and helps me with whatever nurse-related problems I have. Inside a little gift bag were a broken ceramic jack-o-lantern and a pumpkin-shaped something or other. I assumed it was some kind of candy, since it looked and felt like a giant sweet tart. But it had three layers of plastic over it. "That's weird," I thought to myself. "Why do I have to unwrap so many layers of plastic to get to this sweet tart?" I figured it would be orange-flavored, but I licked it to find out. It tasted awful. Not like orange. More like soap. I wretched a little, then said something to Ami. She turned it over and read the label (smart woman that she is). Sure enough, it said "bath fizz." I'm an idiot.
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