Almost Famous
Yes, this poster is up all over town. Rachel and I were the beautiful, token white girls to put in the poster with the two youngest, best-looking Japanese teachers and two of the most popular, smartest girls from the senior class.If more students don't want to come to Baiko after seeing this, I might have to start turning tricks for the school.

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written by Ruthie @ 5:44 AM  
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  • At 11/14/2007 7:33 PM, Blogger JIFF said…

    Certainly they are a success you can tell because they had to protect them from being stolen.

    With a poster like this when I was studying english (so long ago) definitively my mother would have signed me up right way.

    With the beautiful gaijin girls.

    I miss my japanese lessons.
    Are you able to read this poster completely?

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