Fun Facts
  • Instead of using hash marks to count things like points, the Japanese use the five-stroke character , meaning "correct," to count.

  • When they're one space away from having Bingo, the Japanese say "Reach!"

  • In restaurants, getting a doggy bag is rarely an option.

  • Milk containers are available in sizes of a half gallon or smaller-- no gallon jugs.

  • Sandwich bread is generally sliced twice as thick as American sandwich bread.

  • Sliced turkey lunchmeat-- or really, turkey of any kind--is totally unheard of.

  • Junior high school and high school classes are started and ended with the students standing, bowing, and saying the appropriate phrase: "yoroshiku onegaishimasu" (something akin to please) or "arigatou gozaimasu" (thank you).


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