Thank You
I think Japan is a very polite country. Everyone always says “please” and “thank you.” At school the teachers and students often say “thank you.” When I go to the store I always hear “thank you” from the clerks. We say thank you to everyone in our lives. But do we say “thank you” to God? Why should we thank God? What has God given us? What has God done for you? Did you decide to be born to a Japanese family? No. Did your parents decide to be Japanese? No. They had no choice. You had no choice. You have a family with enough money, a good school, a safe place to live, and enough food to eat. Who decided that? Was it an accident? No. God gave it to you. God decided he wanted me to come to Japan. I didn’t even want to come to Japan at first. But three of my college professors asked me three different times to consider coming to Baiko to teach English. I considered it, and finally decided to take the job. In this job and this country I have been blessed with amazing experiences, new friends, and great students. God gave me this gift. He gives us everything we have, everything we need. He even gave us the way to Him through Jesus Christ. Do we say “thank you”? Are we really thankful? Remember to thank God everyday, because He gave us all good things.

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