Yesterday was my second 4th of July in Japan. The first one went by virtually unnoticed, so I was pretty bummed that it looked like the second one would, too-- until Ami called me up and asked me to come over and do fireworks! She had hand-me-down fireworks from random foreign teachers who left them behind, so we ate some pizza, then went up to the roof to do some mischief...I am so glad that this picture turned out as well as it did. Notice the festive leis that Ami's friend sent her in a 4th of July care package. Also in the package were sparklers and American flags and other such Americana things. Because it was dark and we couldn't read the Japanese on the packages, most of the fireworks were a surprise-- some more than others. A few rocketed into the sky when we were expecting them to just flame up from the ground like this one:In all, though, a very successful night. None of the neighbors called the cops.


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