I love my new roommates.

By new, I mean the ones I moved in with last Friday, as opposed to the ones I was first placed with two weeks ago.

I live at Campus Corner Apartments (they aren't really on the corner of campus. That should have been my first warning), and they rent by the bedroom, instead of by the apartment. Most apartments are 4-bedroom, so unless you come in with 3 friends you know you want to room with, you are put with roommates based (theoretically) on preferences you list on a Roommate Matching sheet. None of my preferences were met on the first go-round. I requested to be with older students who don't drink often and who are quiet and neat. I was put with a 20-year old who binge drinks on the weekends and a 19-year-old with a dog (which I didn't agree to live with beforehand, but who moved in anyway). After a week of stress and frustration, my mom drove down 8 hours to help me fight with the management to move me to another apartment and buy furniture (the first apartment I was in was furnished. Since there were no grad students living in furnished apartments, we decided it was best for me to move into an unfurnished place).

Now I live with a 23-year-old grad student from India (she loves to cook. Lucky me!) and a 20-year-old junior from Ethiopia. After a week in the pit of hell, it is so strange to be living with people who are nice and respectful and generous. They actually offered to help me unpack!

Suffice it to say, my first few weeks of grad school have been topsy-turvy, and not even because of school.
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  • At 9/07/2008 11:25 PM, Blogger Amanda said…

    oh the drama!! a law student friend of mine went through basically the same thing. nothing like adding moving onto the list of things stressing new grad students out!
    I'm glad you've landed in such a sweet spot though!

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