What I Know
I passed the sight-singing exam.
I am 99% sure I passed the theory exams.
I am worried about the music history exams. I may be taking the refresher course.
I rode the Bloomington bus for the first time today because I had to pay $24 for parking earlier. Taking the bus reminded me of Japan, which made me happy.
I register for classes tomorrow.
For lunch today I ate something called "spare ribs dinner" at a Chinese dive just off campus. I'm never ordering it again. The "rib" pieces were bright red and mostly translucent.
I know where almost all the music buildings are now. Not so sure about the rest of campus. I am, however, feeling more confident about my place in this new environment everyday.
I feel good about life today.


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  • At 8/28/2008 9:09 AM, Blogger CLU said…

    Hooray! No more red, translucent, fake ribs for you! I still think you will pass that music history w/o a refresher course. Love ya, Rufus!

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