I don't claim to be a good poet, and I am very careful about the poetry I post here because I know Ryan reads this (my personal god of poetry and all things O'Connor). But I thought this was okay to post, especially since it expresses what I feel at work a lot of the time.

I come in and put on my face but not makeup-- another overused metaphor. hello, how are you today?
cheeks grow tired of being stretched into an affectatious grin. oh, I'm fine, how're you doing?
lips pull back to reveal glistening teeth. just fine.
a cheesy smile, really. did you find everything ok?
I default to superficial conversation as opposed to intimacy vulnerability or truth to people I will never know or care for. yes, thank you.
The same phrases are passed back and forth. Have a good day. I'm fine, thanks. Stay cool out there; it's a hot one. Don't work too hard.
Thank yous all around. And all the time I'm screaming inside to be real.


written by Ruthie @ 5:12 PM  
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  • At 6/26/2006 6:30 PM, Blogger Tracey said…

    Yay for poetry! It succeeded with me, anyway, and I'm almost as cool as Pendell. Well, maybe not.

    Anyway...I'm totally there with you in the fakeness of public service jobs. I'm still processing a lot of the feelings as well.

    Hope your summer is going well. Love!

  • At 6/26/2006 6:54 PM, Blogger homsar said…

    I was actually inspired to post the poem I wrote at work after I read your poem from work, Tracey. So good work.

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