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You know that urban myth that, during sleep, you will swallow somewhere between five and twenty spiders in your lifetime (the number changes with each person you talk to. I've heard 12, 6, 10, and 8 most commonly). Well, I think the chances of eating spiders while I sleep here in Japan increases quite a bit because of the culture. To whit:

a) the Japanese believe that killing spiders is bad luck,
b) there are zillions of cracks and crevices in the tatami mats and sliding doors and closets where spiders could hide,
c) my windows and doors are not sealed very well, so spiders have easy access from the outside, and
d) I sleep on the floor.

So I figure in the two years I will live in Japan I'll eat roughly 3,000 spiders. I'm sure that number's pretty close to accurate. I just hope none of them are poisonous.


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  • At 1/24/2007 1:13 AM, Blogger aubrey said…

    I kid you not, Rae and I were JUST talking about that. Probably like the exact same time you were blogging about it. We were talking about how we never see spiders in the dorms, but we probably eat scores of those nasty poser ladybug things. Blehhhghgh.

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