Field Trip
The school took a field trip to a park that's a 2-minute walk from my apartment. Bummer. I wanted to go to the aquarium or something. It was a fun day, however, of snacking and laying on tarps chatting with students.
The 2E Class, the equivalent of juniors in high school. From Top Left: Saki, Yuriko, Satomi, Chihiro (actually, a 3E), Asuka. Bottom Left: Nozomi, Nana, Mai, Yuki, Kazumi, Nozomi, Marina, and Chiaki. I have two classes a week with these students: conversation and writing.
Most of the 3E students (seniors): From left: Saharu, me, Ayana, Chihiro, Megumi, Mina. I no longer teach a class with these guys-- Rachel gets to teach them. But I see Mina at church, and Chihiro regularly comes to the English Lounge to chat. I see the other students occasionally when they have to come to the office for something.


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