Forbidden City
It was a really hot and muggy day when we visited the Forbidden City (which the Chinese government insists on calling the "Palace Museum"). It was also crowded, since we were in the very center of the city at a very famous place during high tourist season. Yeah...
I don't know why the police car was outside. I just thought it was interesting, just sitting there.

Parts of the city were been renovated, I suspect in preparation for the Olympics next year. Kind of a bummer. Looking at the above shot you can get a feel for how BIG the place was. It was literally a city. Rachel and I spent three hours inside and didn't see a third of the compound. Our Chinese friend said that if you wanted to see absolutely everything, you'd have to spend a week inside.

The buildings were, of course, very ornate. As Rachel and I walked through the maze of different buildings and gardens and pathways, we tried to imagine living our entire lives in such a grandiose environment.

Fortunately, there were a few sections of the city that were surprisingly uncrowded. We had the most fun looking around in those places. We also ate salami sandwiches for lunch. That's right: I ate a salami sandwich and drank a Pepsi inside the Forbidden City.

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