Colossians 1:15-20

I love pancakes. I love to make them, and I love to eat them. My grandfather taught me how to make the best pancakes: lots of butter, eggs, milk, sugar, and flour. It’s a tradition for my family to make pancakes together. When I make pancakes in my kitchen here in Japan, I think of my family.

When I make pancakes, I also think of creation. I have the power to make something good, something I love. I can do what I want with the pancakes—I can eat them with syrup or marmalade or salad dressing or with nothing on top. I can make two or ten pancakes. I can make them like a circle, or an oval, or like Mickey Mouse’s head. I have complete power over the pancakes.

The example of my kitchen and the pancakes is similar to God’s connection to His creation. God creates humans with complete power. He can make them any way He wants. He also loves the humans, and thinks fondly of them. But in this example, how do the humans feel? Think again about pancakes. Can the pancakes understand why I created them? Can the pancakes understand the great power I have over them? Can the pancakes understand the love I feel for them? No. It is impossible.

Although my power over the pancakes is much less than God’s power over humans, this example is still an enlightening one: the created thing can never understand the creator. Moreover, the created thing can never have the same power as the creator. The pancakes will never be able to create pancakes of their own. The pancakes will never understand the person who created them, or even why they were created. The creation can never understand the creator.

Now think of a computer. A computer is much more complex than a plate of pancakes. A computer can remember information, perform tasks, obey the user. Even so, the computer can never understand who created it or why it was created. The creation can never understand the creator.

Now look at today’s passage. This passage speaks of an amazingly powerful God. He is invisible, He created all things, He is the head of all things. I cannot even begin to understand this God. Have you ever thought about how big the God of the Bible must be? I cannot even imagine it. I can’t understand why he created me. I can’t understand how big His power is. I can’t understand how deep his love is. I cannot understand the bigness of my creator. I am like a plate of pancakes.

Sometimes I hear people say that they can’t believe in Christianity because they can’t understand God. I think it is a good thing that I can’t understand God. He is so much more powerful than me, and He loves me. He cares for me and wants what is best for me.
I’m glad I don’t understand God. I know that He understands me. Even if I don’t understand God, it’s ok, because I know he loves me.


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  • At 9/30/2007 1:20 PM, Blogger candifer said…

    thanks, Ruth. and thanks for this post. it brought me some comfort at a time that I was really struggling.

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