My Enemy
This morning as I was preparing for another day at school, I glanced into my water closet (that's right: I have a separate little room for the toilet. How quaint) and caught a glimpse of an unfamiliar brown spot on the wall. It was a massive spider. The diameter must have been close to the size of a golf ball. I stifled a gasp, then quickly grabbed some tissues off the back of the toilet tank (note: it's a good idea to keep tissues in this spot, just in case you run out of toilet paper. I know this from experience). I looked again at the spider, dropped the tissues, and grabbed a sandal from the entryway. I was going to rub out this spider's life as swiftly as possible.

Of course, since I'm a horrible aim, I missed the spider on the first try. And the second. And third. But on the fourth try, just before he disappeared behind the toilet, I squashed him against the wall, leaving slimy bits of leg on the bottom of the shoe.

As I started to breathe again, I realized I was tingling all over. I was seriously freaked out by this massive spider. But, after my heart rate returned to normal, and feeling like I had conquered a foe, I turned to walk away from the bathroom. Suddenly something at my feet caught my eye and I screamed.

It was a piece of string stuck to the bottom of my foot. I am such a wimp.


written by Ruthie @ 10:40 PM  
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  • At 9/20/2007 11:23 AM, Anonymous Bets said…

    i love you.

    and your writing.

    it sounds like something that would (and has) happen to me...

  • At 9/20/2007 12:23 PM, Anonymous Your Sexy Buddy said…

    I killed a spider last night!!!! It was a tiny one, but it was inside my laptop case--GROSS!! I finally wound up taking a hanger and wrapping it in toilet paper, and shoving it around inside the case until and pulling it out until the spider came with it...and then smashing the spider when it tried to run. (Bastard!) I refuse to get spider guts on anything but trash--not me, not my shoes, only a flyswatter if absolutely necessary. BLECH! I can't stand them. Phobia up the wazoo. Ughughugh. Hooray for us=)

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