For a brief, shining moment this evening before I transferred money home, I was a millionaire.

In Japanese yen.

Converted to US dollars, I'm only a ten thousandaire. Nothing to sneeze at, but not a millionaire.

I must say, however, that not having to worry about money is a great feeling. In college I scraped by every month on my work-study paycheck-- half of which went to paying bills, and the other half went to personal expenses (deodorant, underwear, chocolate-covered granola bars, etc.). About once a semester I almost vomited from being so worried about not being able to make an interest payment or not having enough money to stretch to the next paycheck. Now that I am in a full-time, salaried position, I never have to worry about running out of money. I do, however, have to keep myself from buying frivolous stuff even more than I did when I had almost no spending money. Because I know I have money to burn, it is sometimes difficult not to buy another cute Engrish T-shirt or buy more origami paper or eat out at MOS Burger again. Still, I'd rather be in my current situation than be flat broke.
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