Happy Sanksgiving
That's how it sounds when said by my junior high school students.

Thanksgiving kind of sucks this year. Last year the Baiko people had a really fun get-together. Everyone came and brought traditional Thanksgiving food, we all ate too much, we said what we were thankful for, then the musically-inclined of us sang and played piano. This year several of my coworkers are otherwise engaged and I was invited to go to a sumo match on Friday (which I am totally going to!), so we're not really having a Thanksgiving party this year. And I even have the stuff to make green bean casserole! Oh well. I did hear that some people were interested in doing something for Christmas, so at least there will probably be a Christmas party.

This year I'm thankful for coworkers I can work easily with and hang out with, great friends here, comfortable living conditions, and the people at home who often remind me that I am missed. Thanks loved ones!


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