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Sometimes when I'm bored, I go to my blogger page and click the "Next Blog" button in the bar on the top of the page, just to see what comes up. Usually I just find a spam site or some teenager's angsty rambling. Sometimes I stumble upon porn sites, so be careful if you try this for yourself. Occasionally, however, I find some pretty interesting blogs, like the following:

The Palomar: a blog about the swing era. If you like swing, you can listen to songs, read bios on famous swing composers and bandleaders, or find links to sites where you can buy CDs. Since the anniversary of Glenn Miller's disappearance was last week, there are several articles about his life, music, and mysterious disappearance during WWII.

Skinny Laminx: her "About Me" states: "I'm an illustrator, writer and designer from Cape Town, South Africa. This is where I record my work and share things that catch my eye." Her work is absolutely wonderful-- creative, modern, and beautiful. She does a lot of work using mod, colorful patterns and prints on tea towels. She also posts pictures of other designers' work that she enjoys.

Organization in Progress: another crafty blog. The author posts photos of a variety of different things she's created, ranging from greeting cards to scrapbook pages to paintings to metal work to photos.


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