Full Circle
After trying tons of blog templates, I decided to face up to the fact that the samurai-style template was the coolest. Turns out that a change does not always do one good. Take that, Cheryl Crow.

In other news, I am coming home for Christmas! YEAY!! I finally got all my travel plans figured out this evening. I will get to Des Moines at around 8PM Sunday night, the 23rd-- just in time for Christmas!! I'll leave the Land of the Free on January 5th, back to the Land of the Rising Sun (aka. The Land of Totally Illogical Decision-Making Processes). I am looking forward to Mexican food, cuddle time with the doggy, chat time with the family, driving a little, shopping in familiar stores with familiar sizes and prices, watching American TV on an actual TV, worshiping and hearing a church sermon in English, and sleeping as late as I want for two weeks. If you'll be in the Des Moines area at all between Dec. 23rd and Jan. 5th, let me know! Let's hang out!
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