This is an example of the pronunciation I hear almost everyday in class. While teaching a lesson on prepositions in a basic oral communication class:

Ruthie: "*Sachiko, Where is the pencil?"
Sachiko: "Itto izu... on za desukku...?"
Ruthie: "Very good, it's on the desk. *Michiko, where are the photographs?"
Michiko: "Ze a-ru... neah... za rampu."
Ruthie: "Good, they're near the lamp. That's correct. Ok class, please repeat after me: under."
Class: "Anda."
Ruthie: "Across from."
Class: "A-kurossu furomu."
Ruthie: "Next to."
Class: "Nekusto tsu."
Ruthie: "Good. Now please work quietly on pg. 56 while I go across the hall and shoot myself in the kneecaps. Maybe they'll give me the rest of the week off."

*Names were changed to protect the innocent.


written by Ruthie @ 7:35 PM  
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  • At 12/05/2007 9:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hahaha; Miss Ruthie, you make me laugh=) Now I know how my Spanish teacher in high school felt, making us learn to say "Balboa esta entre de la caja. Balboa esta al lado de la caja. Balboa esta alrededor de la caja" and so forth. (Balboa was a drawing of a fuzz-ball with two feet and no arms, and looked frighteningly similar to one of those McDonald's fry guys, if you remember them....) I miss you!!!!! Loves!!
    And PS, no sexy activity whatsoever to report; I've been too busy! *Sigh* ;)

  • At 12/06/2007 1:52 AM, Blogger クリス先生 said…

    freakin, honest to God, comical relief for the day. It's so accurate, so funny, so true...

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