Open Our Eyes

Matt. 13:10-17

What does it mean to “see” Jesus? What does it mean to “hear” Jesus? In today’s passage, Jesus’ disciples ask him why he uses parables to teach people. Jesus tells them that people who are willing to believe will understand his parables. Then Jesus tells the disciples that, though the people could see physically, spiritually they could not see the truth of Jesus. Though they could hear physically, spiritually they could not hear the truth of Jesus. Christians often talk about seeing and hearing Jesus as a metaphor. In fact, there’s a famous worship song—“Open Our Eyes,” that addresses this: "Open our eyes, Lord/ we want to see Jesus/ to reach out and touch Him/ and say that we love Him/ Open our ears, Lord/ and help us to listen/ open our eyes, Lord/ we want to see Jesus.”

How can we see Jesus now? We can see Jesus in the beauty of nature. We can see Jesus in other people. Is there a special person in your life who encourages you when you are in trouble? Is there a person who loves you no matter what you do? You can see Jesus in those people. Many of you remember Rachel, the former American teacher at Baiko. I could see Jesus in Rachel’s life. She loved everyone. She was patient and kind to all people. She cared for me and helped me when I had a problem.

How can we hear Jesus now? We can hear Jesus in the Bible’s words. We can also hear Jesus in prayer. Prayer is not one-sided. Prayer is not only us talking to God. God talks back. You don’t even have to be a Christian to pray to God or to Jesus. When I am worried or afraid or confused, I often say a prayer to God. Sometimes, shortly after I pray, I understand what I must do, or an answer to my problems presents itself to me. We have to listen carefully to hear God’s answer, but he always answers us.

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