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Go Fug Yourself: This blog is devoted to discussing pictures of the most fugly (fucking ugly. I know it's profane, but it's not bleeped on TV so I'm going to say it) celebrities. Not face fugly-- clothes fugly. The very witty writers also write an online column for New York Magazine.

Japundit: This all-things-Japan website has been extremely instrumental in keeping me up on current events and trends in Japan. Posts include videos of festivals, news articles about recent government decisions, fashion trends, posts about countries surrounding Japan, and even new Hello Kitty products (not even kidding).

Under Blood: A friend from college lets her thoughts dribble out of her brain into a blog. She posts something almost everyday, and it's always interesting.

The Sneeze: Mr. Steve Sneeds hasn't been posting very regularly recently, but at one time he posted almost everyday, and he is HILARIOUS. He just writes about life and his experiences, but in an odd-ball, humorous style. His blog is worth a look. Check out the "Brainwatch Timeline" and the "Steve, Don't Eat It" series'.

Found Magazine: People find little notes or photos, take pictures of it, and send it to this website. It's quite interesting to analyze what someone's grocery list might have meant or why a person would leave a picture of a little girl in a wig, sunglasses, and a tiger-print bathing suit inside a garage sale purse.


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