Things I learned today:

(photo: flowers in my backyard. I had fun taking pictures in the garden this afternoon.)

Japan and the U.S. use the same electrical outlets, except that Japan's never have a ground wire (that third round prong on the bottom or the outlet).

Iowa's laws on keg distribution recently changed so that a person wanting to buy a keg must pay a $30 deposit, keep a special sticker placed on the keg intact and undamaged (or they don't get the deposit back), and bring the keg back within 60 days, instead of the 90-day period they used to have. Why is this relevant? People who planned on being drunk quickly get upset when they find out they have to go through this new rigamaroll at the HyVee customer service counter. Meaning, I get pissy customers telling me they'll buy their kegs somewhere else next time. Go ahead. Make my day.

My new favorite ice cream is Ben and Jerry's Dublin Mudslide: Irish Cream flavored coffee with chocolate chocolate chip cookies and a coffee fudge swirl. And this week it's on sale!

Laptop computers and bright sunshine don't work well together. It is very difficult to see the screen at all.

I can multitask like nobody's business. I can take a phone call, work on a one-hour photo order, refund bottle deposits, print lottery tickets, return videos, and make copies all at once. But that doesn't mean I like doing it.

I love my dog way too much. Everytime I scratch him and he rolls over, his paws up in the air and belly exposed for me to rub, I feel an overwhelming urge to make baby noises and nuzzle him.

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  • At 8/15/2006 11:13 PM, Blogger Matt Hulstein said…

    I heart random posts, but I hate "I heart" phrases, so now Im pissed off at myself for using it. Anyway, I hope all is well and you continue to find those unpredicatable bright sparks of interest life is all about.

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