Test Mania
I am taking the GRE this weekend. I'm a little freaked out because I have to travel to Osaka to take it, so not only am I taking a very difficult, stressful, standardized test, but I'm taking it in a strange city. I'm staying in a hostel called the Sumo Backpacker's Club. According to the map there's a Starbucks nearby, so I plan to spend the evening before the test there studying. The test itself is three hours long, and includes two writing sections, a math section and a "verbal" section (analogies, antonyms, and reading comprehension).

And when THAT's done I can start studying for the Japanese proficiency test I will be taking in December. This test is written entirely in Japanese. There's listening, writing, and reading comprehension. And I have to memorize a buttload of new kanji (borrowed Chinese characters). But I think it will look good on resumes to have a proficiency in such a difficult language. Plus, it's a fun challenge that will keep me occupied for a few months.
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