Temple of Heaven
The Temple of Heaven (天公園)is where the Emperors and Empresses of China went to worship. Along with the Great Wall, the temple has become the symbol of China, seen on billboards and posters for many different Chinese organizations.
It cost us 15 kuai to get into the park, but it cost another 20 kuai to get into the enclosed area that included the temple. Rachel and I decided it was enough to take pictures from the outside.

The park was absolutely beautiful, and quiet. I enjoyed it much more than the Forbidden City because it was so peaceful, uncrowded, clean, well-kept-- if you are planning a trip to Beijing, I highly recommend stopping at the Temple of Heaven.
Like the rest of Beijing, the Temple of Heaven park had to have a little Olympic spirit. I thought this bicycling dude was pretty cool. If you look through the middle of the sculpture you can see the temple.

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