American Notes
  • Portion sizes are huge. When did a medium drink become so big? Seriously-- who needs that much soda? I have never felt this full in Japan.
  • Americans are so friendly. People smile and say "hello" and "sorry" and "excuse me." I often have random conversations with strangers in stores-- not about anything major, just that we're both looking for chipotle chilis or the gate numbers for our flights have changed three times or the line we're standing in is way too long.
  • Americans are so rude. Average Joes and Janes on the street are really friendly, as I said above. This refers more to the quality of customer service in the States. I know I've remarked on this before, but really-- American service personnel are awfully rude.
  • Campaign madness is at an all-time high in Iowa right now. This is what I witnessed during a commercial break: Mitt Romney ad, Mike Huckabee ad, Old Navy ad, Hillary Clinton ad, Fred Thompson ad. Today at the grocery store all the cars in the parking lot had been papered with leaflets touting Ron Paul for 2008. Later in the evening, we got a call from something called "Riverview caller." Mom said not to answer it, so we let the answering machine pick it up. It was a computerized message for Ron Paul. Holy crap. Shut up already. I've only been in the States for a week and a half and I'm already sick of the campaigning.
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  • At 1/07/2008 3:59 AM, Blogger Katie Berglof said…

    :-) Yay Iowa Caucuses = Desperate phone calls from Campaigners. I hope you had a great time back in the states. I think America needs to have a make-over on their food joints too. I've developed a fear of getting diabetes. :'-(

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